Monday, 27 July 2009

The East End Thrift Store

is amazing.
I am so sick of “vintage” stores selling over-price, badly cared for tat.
The final straw came when I was in a rather well know vintage store(which will remain un-named) on Brick Lane and I came across a dress that I knew point blank to have come from Primark. They were trying to pass it off(minus the labels) as some unique old-school gem and were asking for £35 for it when I knew damn well it was £10 brand spanking new.

I was so appalled that I decided then and there to stop shopping vintage. After all who can be bothered to scrabble through the rails and rails searching for that elusive “hidden gem” in some musty vintage shop when you can be ushered into the shiny, gleaming carbon-copy fashion mecca that is Topshop?

But TEETS changed all that. They have heaps of cool, cool garms mostly for under a tenner. What more could a student want? So I’m not fully converted back to my old thrift shopping ways, after all I do really want a few bits from River Island.... American Apparel and Zara....

Anyways... they’re on Facebook too (who isn’t now days?) so give them a FR and keep up to date with banging in-store parties and other chummy goodness like that,(plus it adds to your friends count!)


p.s: FOTD and a mini haul coming tomorrow!

Hey! :)

Hi and a big welcome to my new blog: The London Doll.
I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Ro and I'm 20 from London. I love fashion,make up and hair and this is the space for my mad musings! I'll post FOTD's and update on my all too frequent hauls! I'm also here to learn from all you make-up obsessed girls (and guys) out there. Show some love in the comments section- I won't bite :)


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