Saturday, 27 March 2010

Attention Londoners: American Apparel Rummage Sale!

Yeah,you read it right my loves. The infamous American Apparel flea market sale is coming to LAHN-DAHN.
A warehouse in Brick Lane to be precise.

I'm so excited I feel sick! If you don't live in London,take a plane,a train or an automobile and get your butt down here!
More deets here:

And SERIOUSLY...22,000 people are attending?! It's going to be pure CARNAGE. Can't wait.

Friday, 5 March 2010

topshop boots and MAC Spring Colour Forecast haul

I've been trying to cut back on shopping for stuff I don't need. But no ones perfect,rigghhhtttt?!!!

I picked up Siss lipstick. I've heard it's a really pretty nude for people with tanned or brown skin.It's a gold beigey colour with a satin finish and seems to be in the same family as Fresh Brew.

My beautttifulll boots from Topshop! Brogue boots with lace panels. I lovvee themmm. They only had size 8's left though,so I feel a bit like Bigfoot clomping around in them!

save the best until last: Spring Colour Forecast Blush Ombre ( pronounced OM-BRAY??) in Ripe Peach. This is the best one out of all the four in my opinion.I quite liked the pink Azalea Blossom but not for my skintone.

p.s: hey heyyy to all my new followers! :)
p.p.s: I'm doing my first ever contest soon,so keep yer eyes peeled for that!

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