Monday, 21 September 2009

It's London Fashion Week...

And I haven't made a post in eons...*hangs head in shame*

Sorry I've been so busy! It was my birthday on Thursday ( The big 2.1!) and I basically have milked for all it's worth! I've also been arranging my NY transfer so I've been busybusybusy! I also still don't have a camera! So I'm off to Tottenham Court Road to try and haggle for a 12mp Sony.
A FOTD and a big haul will be coming veryvery soon!

Also a big thank you to my new followers! It's very much appreciated! :)

Saturday, 5 September 2009


God I love Ed Westwick
&& Leighton's make-up is on fire! Black lipstick is soo hard to pull off,too.
He's so hot...
pics courtesty of Elle Korea

Thursday, 3 September 2009

DIY Project- Knitted Gold Bead Jumper

Recently I have been getting a little bit sick with retailers and their ever-increasing prices. I know it's the recession and all but STILL...

It got me thinking,that alot of the stuff that consumers buy-we are paying for the name sewn onto the label rather than the time and skill that has gone into creating the garment.Which is why alot of the time a waistcoat you buy for 30 quid falls to bits 2 days later (cough H&M cough).
I made a batch of emo-ish polkadot bow headbands and clips for my little sister the other day and have decided to move onto something more ambitious!

Knitted Gold Bead Jumper

I'm in love with this jumper.Just not the price tag. I paid £85 for last years Markus Lupfer,treated it like my first born child and it *still* has a hole in the back! So...
I have a cheapo black jumper from Primarni,some invisible thread and a packet of 200 mini gold beads from John Lewis. Wish me luck!

Do any of you,DIY? I want some inspiration!

p.s: Is anyone else watching The Rachel Zoe Project? I'm obsessed!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Haul- Payday edition

So last Friday was PAYYDDAAYYYYY! woo! SO needless to say I went shopping! And managed to control myself! I'm so proud of myself!
( Warning in advance,my digital camera has gone to camera heaven so I'm using my the camera on my phone so the pics are a little crapola! Sowwie! )

I had my eye on these H&M boots for a few weeks. I've been "blessed" short and stubby legs so have decided to try and wear more heels to stop me from looking like a squat little blahhhh! I love them because they have a nice chunky heel so although they are pretty high (for me!) they should be easier to walk in.Another reason I loved them was because they are lace ups which are hothothot for autumn/winter '09/10 and the peep toe just sold me completely!

So... I wore them out on Friday night with jeggings and a baggy t-shirt and got LOADDSSSS of compliments until... my feet started to bleed! Yeah they look hot but they hurt my toes like a mofo! Next time I'll take some plasters and ibuprofen before I wear them!

I also picked up this "Rebel without a cause" tee from Hennes too. I know James Dean died wayyy before most of us were born,but he was a hottie,non?

Then I hit Marble Arch Primark. ( it was early,thank god. That place turns into a zoo past 12 o'clock!) And I got this zebra print bracelet. I also got a plain set of gold and silver bangles too but they aren't coming out very well on camera.

Last stop was Boots! I got the L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer after I tried the sample in last months Elle magazine and was majorly impressed. It makes your make-up go on silky smooth and really irons out any pores or lines you ma have on your face.
I also got Maybelline Liquid Define Liner in Black. This is MAGIC for me! I'm so rubbish at doing really nice flicks when I do my eyeliner and this makes it super easy. The end looks like a felt tip and it is firm so you can swipe it on with no mistakes.

Annnddd that's it! FOTD coming soon and I'm also having a blog sale!
Hit me up with a comment!

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