Monday, 18 January 2010

Haul: Student Loan and Beyond!

I've been a bad blogger! Please forgive me! I havent propery updated in ageesssss! So here's the bits I have picked up over roughly a 2 month period- with the help of good old student loan of course!

1. I've been *obsessed* with nude lips for a while- so I got Rimmel Nude Delight! £2.99

2. And the bbbeesssttttt nude *ever* Maybelline Pinky Beige £6.99

3. A new make-up bag from TK Maxx for £3! Bargain!

4. My shrine to all things holy :)

5. MAC Mineralise Blush in Superduper Natural- I have to get a dupe of this ASAP. Such a pretty colour. Great for darker skintones too.

6. New brogue kind of shoes from Topshop! £50

7. Corset bra thingy from Topshop £20. Looks so good on! Go get it!

8. bracelet from Accessorise 70% off from £8!

9. Brand new Betsey Johnson socks,a steal from good old TK Maxx- £4

Urgh that's not all but I'm too tired to upload more! more later!


Kell said...

im obsessed with nude lips right now, too & i loooooveee those shades! im on makeup buying hiatus til february but you best believe i'll be picking up those shades on february FIRST!


Chinazo said...

Those betsey johnson socks are dreamy!!!! I paid £11 for ONE PAIR of socks from Mango. I need to get myself down to a TK Maxx! x x

Lisa said...

Love your blog its so cute! Check mines out,

ps. love the flower corset!

Petite Princess said...

I will have to check out that maybeline lipstick. Im glad to see im not the only one shopping were only 1 month into 2010 and the money Ive spent so far is criminal!

Gail Noble said...

I love nude lips and will so be going to get these! Have you tried Mac in Myth? Its a great nude colour. I think its perfect in fact! I wear mine all the time!

Nabila said...

the corset is amazing!

Nabila xo

Trendy Gourmandise said...

that corset !!! i want it !!!!

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

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