Friday, 5 March 2010

topshop boots and MAC Spring Colour Forecast haul

I've been trying to cut back on shopping for stuff I don't need. But no ones perfect,rigghhhtttt?!!!

I picked up Siss lipstick. I've heard it's a really pretty nude for people with tanned or brown skin.It's a gold beigey colour with a satin finish and seems to be in the same family as Fresh Brew.

My beautttifulll boots from Topshop! Brogue boots with lace panels. I lovvee themmm. They only had size 8's left though,so I feel a bit like Bigfoot clomping around in them!

save the best until last: Spring Colour Forecast Blush Ombre ( pronounced OM-BRAY??) in Ripe Peach. This is the best one out of all the four in my opinion.I quite liked the pink Azalea Blossom but not for my skintone.

p.s: hey heyyy to all my new followers! :)
p.p.s: I'm doing my first ever contest soon,so keep yer eyes peeled for that!


Maria FS said...

i love the boots!

Mireia said...

wowwwww amazing boots, love them!!
and the makeup... well, MAC is amazing so... :D


VexintheCity said...

Ahh you didn't like Azalea Blossom? It looked nice on my hand, here's hoping it looks good on my face!

Irina said...

Hey, london girl!
your blog is amazing, congrats <3 loveee it *Follow Me*

i.b.n(Inspired.By.Nylon) said...

Love those boots!

Anonymous said...

love LOve LOVE YOUR BLOG ^_^

Razzi said...

What a gorgeous blog - I love your lay out! Def going to follow now, english blogs are the best!

Your boots are hella cool as well! :)


Click here to visit me at LITTLE RAZZI blog!

Miss Carmel said...

boots r hot, luv Topshop! & MAC is defo a great make up choice:)

Kb said...

Ooooh size 8, a.k.a my size. You know where to send them if you get bored.

Jexie said...

Love the boots!! And I know how you feel about the size 8 thing lol xx

Saskatoon said...

Ooo, absolutely loving the blog - it's beautiful!

Check mine out if you like...

x x x

Rai said...

Nice purchases!
You're lucky you got your hands on Ripe Peach! lol

jalyssacakex said...

Hey Ro How are you??

Just stopping by to say hello. You are really beautiful. I am so jealous of you that you have the blush ombre in ripe peach. Never did get it =(
How is it? lol

xoxoxo Jenna

lalionne said...

Love that! I am such a mac-addict!

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