Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Haul- Payday edition

So last Friday was PAYYDDAAYYYYY! woo! SO needless to say I went shopping! And managed to control myself! I'm so proud of myself!
( Warning in advance,my digital camera has gone to camera heaven so I'm using my the camera on my phone so the pics are a little crapola! Sowwie! )

I had my eye on these H&M boots for a few weeks. I've been "blessed" short and stubby legs so have decided to try and wear more heels to stop me from looking like a squat little blahhhh! I love them because they have a nice chunky heel so although they are pretty high (for me!) they should be easier to walk in.Another reason I loved them was because they are lace ups which are hothothot for autumn/winter '09/10 and the peep toe just sold me completely!

So... I wore them out on Friday night with jeggings and a baggy t-shirt and got LOADDSSSS of compliments until... my feet started to bleed! Yeah they look hot but they hurt my toes like a mofo! Next time I'll take some plasters and ibuprofen before I wear them!

I also picked up this "Rebel without a cause" tee from Hennes too. I know James Dean died wayyy before most of us were born,but he was a hottie,non?

Then I hit Marble Arch Primark. ( it was early,thank god. That place turns into a zoo past 12 o'clock!) And I got this zebra print bracelet. I also got a plain set of gold and silver bangles too but they aren't coming out very well on camera.

Last stop was Boots! I got the L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer after I tried the sample in last months Elle magazine and was majorly impressed. It makes your make-up go on silky smooth and really irons out any pores or lines you ma have on your face.
I also got Maybelline Liquid Define Liner in Black. This is MAGIC for me! I'm so rubbish at doing really nice flicks when I do my eyeliner and this makes it super easy. The end looks like a felt tip and it is firm so you can swipe it on with no mistakes.

Annnddd that's it! FOTD coming soon and I'm also having a blog sale!
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Phoebe said...

I got that Maybelline pen when i was in london! I love it:)

LoveAtFirstBite said...

ooh i LOVE the boots! xx

Stephanie said...

<3 the boots! Very Regal Victorian.

What does a Primer do? I've heard about primers for so long but i'm not sure what it does.

Also, what does a FOTD mean (I'm slow i know lmao)

and you're right about the Primark in West End. It's disgusting after noon, that's why i've never been there lol, i'll stick to my Croydon branch :D

Barbara Frankie said...

bangle is snaz-zay!


i hate when your cutest heels cause the most pain. shit sucks!

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