Thursday, 3 September 2009

DIY Project- Knitted Gold Bead Jumper

Recently I have been getting a little bit sick with retailers and their ever-increasing prices. I know it's the recession and all but STILL...

It got me thinking,that alot of the stuff that consumers buy-we are paying for the name sewn onto the label rather than the time and skill that has gone into creating the garment.Which is why alot of the time a waistcoat you buy for 30 quid falls to bits 2 days later (cough H&M cough).
I made a batch of emo-ish polkadot bow headbands and clips for my little sister the other day and have decided to move onto something more ambitious!

Knitted Gold Bead Jumper

I'm in love with this jumper.Just not the price tag. I paid £85 for last years Markus Lupfer,treated it like my first born child and it *still* has a hole in the back! So...
I have a cheapo black jumper from Primarni,some invisible thread and a packet of 200 mini gold beads from John Lewis. Wish me luck!

Do any of you,DIY? I want some inspiration!

p.s: Is anyone else watching The Rachel Zoe Project? I'm obsessed!


Viva La Fashion said...

good luck. and i love the idea of making your own wardrobe. (to some extent since i can't sew) :)

Stephanie said...

Oooooh good luck!

I totally agree with you! I hate h&m. They actually take the flipping piss lmao.
I love customizing..i sometimes customize my old converse trainers by spraying them gold/silver/blue..looks really dope!

Kb said...

I love Rachel Zoe! I think I've found my slightly more upmarket (and blonder) shopping twin! She's in her own little shopping bubble, and I love all her bags. Good like with the DIY!

Rhamnousia said...

That sounds like a really good idea!

I'm Indian so I make a lot of my own desi outfits at home so making my own "couture" pieces is second nature to me.

I've got a black jumper which has sequins "thrown" on it over the bust area which I've stitched on by hand in black thread so you can't tell.

I saw a tshirt in a boutique once which was just basically black with faux necklaces stuck on it and it was priced at about £250. I bought a plain black t shirt from Primark (£2, before the tax decrease) and some necklaces from the sewing shop which cost me a total of £10, I threaded them and glued them on and it looked far better than the one in the boutique and all for less than £15.

Plus you feel pretty good knowing that nobody else has the same as you!


Liparazzi said...

Well done for going the DIY route. I think that lately alot of highstreet shops have increased their prices and lowered the quality! Not good! Great blog, come say hi on mine if you get a chance x

une tasse said...

Most of Topshop's latest stuff is easy to DIY, especially the studded trend. You can buy packs of studs off ebay and stud everything you fancy! I've bought some pearl beads to sew onto a jumper but I've yet to get round to it..

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