Monday, 16 November 2009

don't rob a bank- chunky lace up boots

I have a little fetish for chunky black lace up boots atm. I've seen a few pricey ones by Chloe and Miu Miu buuttt there are cheaper alternatives for us that are less financially blessed. I lovee these boots so much because they are perfect for people like me who can't walk in high heels to save their life-the chunky heel seems to counteract that perfectly! I already have the brown ones from Primark (£18!!!) so I'm on my way to pick one of these beauties up!

Peacocks £30

Miss Selfridge £70

I'm not sure which ones to get? They are practically the same! Has anyone got them? Are they comfy? Hmmm...
FOTD coming soon and pics from my Carnaby St haul!

P.S: 99 followers! OMG! it's greatly appreciated! xx



they are cute i like the first ones.

Jexie London said...

I've got the pair from Peacocks, they hurt at first but I can't seem to take them off now lol! People are usually shocked when I tell them they're from Peacocks =X

Bryony said...

Oh its tough both pairs are hot!
I like the first ones though they don't look as new. I love the grunge look and I NEEEEEEEED some boots.
Nice blog. <3

sophie (lalalalobban) said...

i got the primark ones and the heel broke off! i was gutted :'(

gunna try and get those peacock ones mind! gorgeous xx

Charly Johan said...

Beautifull shoes

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