Tuesday, 10 November 2009


The amazing WAH nails opened a pop up salon in Selfridges,last week. I booked an appointment for the first day! The girl next to me was getting pearls and diamonds put on her nails- they looked sooo cool!
I got Minx nails-which are basically printed panels that are applied with heat to your nails. They last up to two weeks and don't chip. They've been seen on the likes of Katy Perry,Beyonce,Kerri Hilson and Lady Gaga!
I went for this:


Another example of kickass MINX patterns! I'm not generally a fan of florals but these are so pretty!
More pics of work created by the talented WAH nails staff!

Did any of you manage to catch them last week? If not pop down to 420 Kingsland Road,London,E8 and GET YO NAILS DID!


Rhamnousia said...

I saw these on the Nails Inc website and they look so bloody cool, I want to get the sheet metal effect ones. How long do they last?


MalibuMara said...

i love those i want them but i can't find a place near me that does them but someone said they only last 2-10 days?
2 weeks sounds good i love the way yours look

Phoebe said...

I love the playing cards ones!

MalibuMara said...

oh yea there are places in houston,
but at my campus at school im far from it but when im at my home in houston i can go somewhere to do it but its like $80 :/

Shadé said...

Been trying to get my nails mixed but I can't afford it.. Very cute though

Mz. More said...

They look lovely, that print is so cute. I found out there is a shop in Brooklyn not far from me that does it now so I plan to give a shot.

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Maria FS said...

Those are so cute!

une tasse said...

I love these! A bit too pricey for me but looks fab on you :)

Neesh B Fly said...

these are cute i love them i need to go get mines done over..nice blog tho check out my blog neeshbly.blogspot.com and if you like it follow me :)


lovvvve them. Are they expensive?

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