Monday, 21 December 2009

ootd: "well...your teeth are *so* wonder your Dad calls you Son!"

haha still the best come back ever!
Whenever I think of or see anything yellow,I think back to that lame-o joke! lol high school days were the best.
Just came back from Xmas shopping on Oxford St :| not fun.
I thought I would wear some yellow today,to add some brightness in this crappy weather. It was dark at half 3 today! :( Also when wearing bright yellow no one can barge you and send you flying across the pavement and say they didn't see you... *gives evil eye*

face: mac mineralise skin finish medium dark
cheeks: mac superduper natural blush
lips: mac freckletone && mac syrup
UD pocket rocket lipgloss in Kirk

me && samandy
we found her in a dumpster near the new 2012 Olympic Site :'(

jumper: salvation army
top: Topshop
jeans: Topshop
old grandad hat: Barbour ( my old grandads hat lol)

oh yes..and it's snowing. AGAIN :|
I think you know you're not a kid any more when instead of saying "YEAHHHRRRR" when you see snow you are just like "UGH SNOW.How am I going to get to work/college/uni or whatever else you have planned that day. Hmm to be 6 again...
This is what outside my house looked like... bearing in mind it was 4 in the afternoon....

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Someone please reply and say they live in like,Miami or something,because I'll be paying you a visit to get away from this coolllldd!


Mamacita said...

aarrgghh!! i live 1 hour from ldn but didnt get the "luck" to have so much snowwwww!!
merry xmas btw!

ps: i love your blog!!

Tiffany said...

It's starting to snow here in Toronto

Happy Holidays.

Lil said...

Wicked outfit!

Chinazo said...

That cardigan is amazing! x x

LaiParis said...

cute outfit

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