Monday, 3 August 2009

Mini Nail Polish Haul

Friday was pay day so I got a new nail colour to add to my already excessive nail varnish collection! I have a slightly dangerous obsession which I really need to stop. I went to the Barry M concession in Topshop Oxford Circus and got this amazing pink. It's called "Marshmallow Pink" but to me it's more of a sort of cool toned peach.

(sorry for the worst manicure in the world,I was in a rush on my way to work!)

I absolutley love the colour! I didn't think it would go to well with my skintone because pastels rarely do,but I think it's a nice change from my neons! The colour pay-off is pretty true to the bottle but for me personally it took me about four coats for it to be truly opaque.

Then I picked up my HG of top-coats "Sally Hansen Mirror Shine". It dries supersuper fast which is good for someone like me who screams "EFF IT IT'S SMUDGED!" every time I paint my nails because I'm too imapatient to wait for it to dry!

That's all for now because I've just got back from work and am majorrr tired!
FOTD tommorrow fo shizzle!

Ro x


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Liparazzi said...

I love that marshmallow pink polish...gorgeous! Love the blog, come check out mine sometime and say hi :)

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