Friday, 14 August 2009

Review: Barry M Nail Paint- Pink Flamingo

First of all I think this polish should be called Pink Panther because that's what I thought as soon a I saw it! haha
I picked this up at work yesterday and have been painting on coats and coats since I got it home,it's gorgeous!

Pink Flamingo is a perfect summer colour and is a refreshing change to the sea of coral polish that has been doing the rounds recently. I love coral as much as the next girl but you need to switch it up sometimes,right?

Overall it's a lovely bright creamy pink.The application of Barry M polishes are notoriously good for the price and this was no exception. I put on 3 coats to get the bottle colour but I wanted but it would have been perfectly fine with 2. Get yours now at Superdrug or Boots or


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