Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pat McGrath- in the flesh...

The legendary make up artist Pat McGrath came into work today. Of course I wanted to go up to her and tell her what an inspiration she is, and has been to all the girls and guys out there who are absolutley and passionatley in love with make-up and cosmetics. I wanted to ask her about all the tips and tricks of the trade...advice on making it in the industry...
Of course I couldn't.
So I just stared at her kind of stalker-ish. But I don't care it was worth it! Her make up was very natural ( if she had any on at all) and her skin was FLAWLESS! Such a massive inspiration!

One of my fave looks she's done:

Galliano F/W '03

Why?: Because it's just so 'out-there'. It's extravagant and *so* not work-able in real life and adds to that element of fantasy that's present on the catwalk.

Who's your fave make-up artist? What's your favourite look?

Ro x


Miss Odukoya xx said...

oh wow!! i love both the looks..I just started getting crazy about make-up so i don't have a favorite make-up artist but my favorite look is the natural skin look and heavy on the eye liner for a sexy cat eye look..
Thanks for following my blog :)

Hildi**** said...

wwoow this iss crazzzzyyyy ...kinda like this

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