Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Haul- Topshop Edition

I have a huggee love/hate relationship with Topshop. It's love because they constantly come up with relatively inexpensive stuff that is bang on trend then it's hate because I pretty much end up giving all my wages back to my employer every month! I have a major beef with the jewelery though..it looks so cute at first but then tends to go green or black or just generally fall apart which put me off for a longgg while. But I decided to venture back recently and saw alot of stuff that I liked and will be picking up on pay day!

Anywhooo I'm going to a "Chavs and Rahs" party next weekend. I was going to go as a Rah but I don't think I can pull off the whole "Daddy owns a bank" look. I do like Jack Wills and Abercrombie but..ugh no I couldn't do it... So I'm going as council estate scumbag instead! (I'm not saying that council estate people are scumbags. I'm just going as one!)
I picked these up yesterday at Topshop and thought they were chav-tastic enough for the party!

There a quite a few of these name necklaces around at the moment. There were other ones like "Baby","Bonkers" ,"Trashy" and "Ohlala"
"Essex" Necklace

The piece de resistance! I absolutley ADORE this necklace! It's sooo hugeeee and the first thing I said when I saw it was " OHMYGOD!" haha
"OMG" necklace.
£15 (!!!)

I also bought a ring from Miss Selfridges but it has mysteriously dissappeared! I have a feeling my sister might have "borrowed" it. Gah..little sisters!

Anyways hope everyone is having a not too shabby week.

p.s: Back to school/uni soon UK people! Dreading it??

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Work is kicking my butt right now!

But I'll be back bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday!
Hey to all my new subscribers too-it's greatly appreciated!
Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday (because I sure as frick won't be.)

Monday, 17 August 2009

FOTD- Random Rummage

I was bored and rummaging through my make-up today (as you do!) and found this:

MAC Eyeshadow
Parfait Amour (frost)

I received this as a "present" from my flatmate(she got it as a gift and didn't want it. So she gave it to me for Christmas! lol)
I LOVELOVELOVE the colour purple but I hate frost finishes in cosmetics of any kind. So its just been sitting un-used in my drawer for yonks. So here's a look I came up with: Gold and berry on the lid and a wash of the purple on the lashline.
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural-Dark
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW40
MAC Peachykeen blush

Sleek iDivine eyeshadow palette- Storm 578
MAC eyeshadow-Parfait Amour
Urban Decay glide-on eye pencil- Zero
Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

MAC lipglass- Cult Fave
Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss- Babydoll

shirt: my old primary school uniform lol

I have to admit I don't hate it! I think I'll make the purple even brighter next time so it really pops.
Has anyone else had one of those "thought I'd hate it but I love it" moments with make-up recently?
Leave a comment I won't bite! :)

p.s: My new followers are greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Review: Barry M Nail Paint- Pink Flamingo

First of all I think this polish should be called Pink Panther because that's what I thought as soon a I saw it! haha
I picked this up at work yesterday and have been painting on coats and coats since I got it home,it's gorgeous!

Pink Flamingo is a perfect summer colour and is a refreshing change to the sea of coral polish that has been doing the rounds recently. I love coral as much as the next girl but you need to switch it up sometimes,right?

Overall it's a lovely bright creamy pink.The application of Barry M polishes are notoriously good for the price and this was no exception. I put on 3 coats to get the bottle colour but I wanted but it would have been perfectly fine with 2. Get yours now at Superdrug or Boots or www.barrym.com

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Review: Illamasqua Intense Gloss

Over the past few months I have been hearing nothing but good things about new make up brand Illamasqua.I've seen reviews by lollipop26 and richie nickel on youtube and the word on the street is that Illamasqua's whole line of products are scorching hot.
I seriously think this may finally be the brand to give the almighty MAC a run for their money!

A few weeks back on my way to the MAC counter in Selfridges I decided to bite the bullet and give them a try. I was the most interested in their lipglosses because I'd heard they are super vibrant and long lasting. I always browse a counter first before I approach a sales rep just because I don't want to be like " errr I want that one!" *points finger*.
I did explain numerous times that I tend to stick to neutral glosses (because I'm a wimpy wimp lol) but some how I managed to leave with this:

Illamasqua Intense Gloss in Perform.

And I lovveeee it! I was reluctant at first but then one swatch on my hand and I was like HOLYMAJOLY! This gloss does not mess about and certainly lives up to it's name! It is pigmented and intensely packed with colour.
Perform is a bright coral pink orange and a tiny dab gives a gorgeous sheer wash of colour. Layering is key. I got over excited and slicked it on as I would normal gloss and was left looking clownish with big orange lips! Add you can add as little then build from there for a more dramatic look.

I was verryy daunted by the colour in the tube but it goes on so beautifully I couldn't resist. It is non-sticky and smells sort of fruity,a bit like sweets. Another added bonus is that it is long lasting. I applied this at 7am on my way to work and my lips still had a pretty pink tinge at 1pm!

Over all I think this is going to be a staple in my make-up bag for the next couple of weeks because it's sooo pretty. I also might get another one in their Sheer Lipgloss range which seem to be a neutral palette.

Anyone else tried anything from Illamasqua? I've heard their cream blushers are quite awesome too...
Well that's all for now loves! I'll be doing a Barry M nail polish review tomorrow and a skin care haul.

Take care

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tattoo Time!

I should be getting a new tattoo tomorrow! I'm sososo excited! Update tomorrow.
Are any of you inked or hoping to be in the future? Sorry fo the short post- I've got work early tomorrow :(

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pat McGrath- in the flesh...

The legendary make up artist Pat McGrath came into work today. Of course I wanted to go up to her and tell her what an inspiration she is, and has been to all the girls and guys out there who are absolutley and passionatley in love with make-up and cosmetics. I wanted to ask her about all the tips and tricks of the trade...advice on making it in the industry...
Of course I couldn't.
So I just stared at her kind of stalker-ish. But I don't care it was worth it! Her make up was very natural ( if she had any on at all) and her skin was FLAWLESS! Such a massive inspiration!


One of my fave looks she's done:

Galliano F/W '03

Why?: Because it's just so 'out-there'. It's extravagant and *so* not work-able in real life and adds to that element of fantasy that's present on the catwalk.

Who's your fave make-up artist? What's your favourite look?

Ro x

Thursday, 6 August 2009

See it. Want it. Need it.

(Agnes Lace up casual boots- £60)

I absolutley,positively have to have these boots by the autumn. I've been checking Topshop online and in the store every day but they still only have the red ones in stock! So I'm waiting with fingers crossed that they will come in soon because they HAVE to be mine!

I know it's only just August but who else can't wait for Autumn?! Maybe it's just me!

Ro x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Finally FOTD and Internacionale


Finally a FOTD and a little haul that I got a few hours ago.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC50 & NC45
Sleek 'Glisten Me' Liquid Illuminator
MAC Studio Fix Concealer NW40 & NC50
MAC Coppertone Blush

Urban Decay 'Big Fatty' Mascara
17 Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Sleek Divine Eyeshadow Palette in 'Storm'

Good old Carmex
MAC 'Freckletone' lipstick

blue leopard print top: Peacocks lol

I had to run a few errands and went into a new shop called Internacionale(which I think have replaced all Mark One stores...)

I got a supertackyatrocious ring....

And a super-cute-but tacky pair of earrings that I LURVEEE...

So a short and sweet haul! And as you can tell I have a bit of a thing for leopard print...
Oh yeah, and a big THANK YOU! to all my followers! Thanks a lot you actually made my day!

Ro x

Monday, 3 August 2009

Mini Nail Polish Haul

Friday was pay day so I got a new nail colour to add to my already excessive nail varnish collection! I have a slightly dangerous obsession which I really need to stop. I went to the Barry M concession in Topshop Oxford Circus and got this amazing pink. It's called "Marshmallow Pink" but to me it's more of a sort of cool toned peach.

(sorry for the worst manicure in the world,I was in a rush on my way to work!)

I absolutley love the colour! I didn't think it would go to well with my skintone because pastels rarely do,but I think it's a nice change from my neons! The colour pay-off is pretty true to the bottle but for me personally it took me about four coats for it to be truly opaque.

Then I picked up my HG of top-coats "Sally Hansen Mirror Shine". It dries supersuper fast which is good for someone like me who screams "EFF IT IT'S SMUDGED!" every time I paint my nails because I'm too imapatient to wait for it to dry!

That's all for now because I've just got back from work and am majorrr tired!
FOTD tommorrow fo shizzle!

Ro x

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