Friday, 30 October 2009

Carnaby Street 20% off day- what are you getting?

I know it's a good few weeks away but I look forward to the event ALL YEAR! This year to keep my bank account away from the red and to avoid slightly drunken impulse purchases (damn those free cocktails!) I've made a STRICT list of what I'm getting!

109 brush
Patisserie L/S
Hue L/S
Ruby Woo L/S
Jubilee L/S
Melba blush
Peaches blush
Woodwinked e/s
Retrospeck e/s
Satin taupe e/s
Tempting e/s

American Apparel
Unisex Slim Slack in black
Unisex Sheer Jersey Deep V t-shirt in black,white,navy & asphalt


plain black ballet flats
quilted black hi top Converse

And that's it! It will most likely shrink dramatically due to the fact that money, unfortunately does not grow on trees. And I have books for class to buy. And it's less than a month until Christmas.And I'm going to NY in 3 months...
Aw,mannnnn. Time will tell!
November 12th! See you there!
Check out participating stores & get your free ticket here:

What's on your wishlist so far?


Phoebe said...

I'll be in London the day after this :@ So annoying!

MalibuMara said...

im shocked by this 20% off day i want a day like that, i have a huge want list but my berfday is so close to xmas i get it all then

Rhamnousia said...

Wow, last year's event only seems a few months ago!

I don't know if I will buy anything, I'm on a buying ban and I don't really think I need anything..

Nataliexxx said...


You’ve made my day :-)

Be sure to expect plenty of stylish posts heading your way!

Much love <3

Buddy said...

Nice to see another fashion blogger from London.... Hard to find em ere lol

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