Thursday, 8 October 2009

Review: African Black Soap and Dark&Lovely Deep Repair Cream

My skin has been going out of control lately. I have always had fairly "normal" skin but recently have noticed it being majorly oily and I have a few dark marks from previous spots :(
I was perusing Specktra and saw a recommendation for African Black Soap that they were selling on Coastal Scents. So I was in a black Hair and Beauty store today and decided to pick this up:

DuDu-Osun Black Soap.

My sister and I spent a while laughing at the name but people are swearing by this stuff so I thought I would give it a try.
It looks like this:

What it does:

This is a traditional African Black soap made in Nigeria. It is made with pure natural ingredients and herbs with no artificial colours or preservatives.
It cleanses,nourishes and protects your skin while leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh.

Pure Honey
Shea Butter
Osun (camwood)
Palmkernel Oil
Cocoa Pod Ash
Palm Bunch ash
Aloe Vera
Lime & Lemon juice and oil

My verdict

I used this yesterday and at first I HATED IT! It made my skin feel...squeaky? But when I dried off my face,my skin felt baby soft. I was seriously impressed.A few others had said they had stopped using it because of the smell but I think it smells quite nice and a nice change from other over perfumed soaps.
My skin felt a little tight afterwards and it's recommended that you follow up your cleaning routine with some unrefined shea butter but I feel that any rich moisturiser will do. I find shea butter way too greasy for daytime use. I'm going to keep on using it and see how it goes!

Next I got:

Dark&Lovely Body- Deep Repair extra rich cocoa butter.

I suffer from really dry,cracked skin in the winter and with the cold season fast approaching I was looking for something that would really hold up this season.

What it does:

Provides 24hr non-stop moisture . With a formula enriched with Vitamin E ,it nourishes and soothes your skin. Enriched with glycerin it maintains optimal moisturisation throughout the day. Durably nourished and repaired skin ,your skin is soothed ,naturally soft and radiant.

My Verdict:

I got this as first as a tester in a magazine and I was instantly HOOKED BY THE SMELL! I put some on my hands and my best friend said I smelt like chocolate milkshake topped with cream! haha. It really smells that amazing,I literally wanted to eat it! I've never tried the Dark&Lovely Body range before and was happy to find it really did offer 24 hour relief from dry skin and wasn't sticky and absorbed into my skin really quickly. Added bonus you get a HUGE 400mls for £3.39! I'll definitely be stocking up on this one in the next few months.

My sister also bought me the infamous GOSH Darling. Somehow I thought it would be like MAC's Fresh Brew (horrible in the tube-divine on) but I was horribly mistaken. It literally makes me look like a corpse. There a quite a few available at my nearest Superdrug so if anyone wants one let me know,I'll be more than happy to post one over.

Has anyone else had one of those- " I soooo thought it would look good but it soooo doesn't" moments? (I thought blue eyeshadow was the sh*t when I was about 11. CRINGE!)


Neesh B Fly said...

W.o.w...never heard of this..nice blog

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Natalie said...

oo that soap sounds awesome, i'm a soap freak and have so many, the italian ones smell sooo good! i think i use way too much, they run out quickly haha :)


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