Monday, 26 April 2010

Hackney Flea Market!

YesYes! I love a good jumble sale and this looks like it's going to be amazing ! Hopefully I won't end up with bruised ribs,stomped toes and mussed up hair this time!

*cough* American Apparel Sale *cough*

I'm on the lookout for see through summer shirts and cute high waisted full skirts. Anyone been before? Woo, I can't wait!

FOTD if anyone is interested!

p.s: A big hi to all my new followers *mwah* :)


Vintage and Cake said...

*cough* American Apparel Sale *cough*
That made me laugh for a good 10 min's :P
I know I'm lame, oooohh I love a good rumble in the jumble !!!
I really don't get why people hate looking for thing's we have became so lazy. I know a girl who get's all her outfit's off the display's and wear's them like the model (a tad sad I feel) I hope one day she will just try throwing a outfit together and have some fun anyway .....have a great week and look foward to seeing what you buy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kodaaaaa said...

Really like your blog (;

Check mine out,
Follow&& Comment (:
it would mean alot!

7Teen Twenty2 said...

sounds like fun!

no-more-wire-hangers said...

hey darling! thanks for the comment and yes! it was plastic food key rings in that picture lol!!!!

I miss flea marets from back home!!! Have fun and i cant wait to see what you got!!!

Christopher x

TOXiC said...

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Amandita said...

Hey hon, thanks for following great blog u have.. I saw that u have green contact lenses, I love them on u. What brand are they? Colorblends?
Im gonna follow too =)

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