Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Products that don't suck: April Edition

Remington GENIUS hair straighteners.

I've been looking for a new straightener for a while. Ideally I would heart a pair of GHD's but money doesn't grow on trees! So.... I saw these Remington Genius straighteners for 50% off in Argos and had to grab them! They heat in 15 seconds,have adjustable temperature control up to 230c and floating ceramic plates.

They are pretty small and the LCD display temperature control is just what I need because I need to stop frying my hair. It also has a lockable function so they don't flip open when you put them on a flat surface.
It also came with a cool storage bag to put them in when you are on the go,which is super useful for me because my last straighteners died because someone trod on them!
I tried them on my sister who has really coarse hair and it usually takes her FOREVER to straighten it and even then it's not really poker straight. (haha do you think my sister's "nightie chic" look will catch on?!)


Halfway through and it was dead straight. It got hot sooo quickly and didn't lose heat. I did burn my fingers a few times too!

I'm not sure how long the offer will last the RRP is £69.99 I think!

Overall 9/10.


I BLEED PINK said...

I really need to get a new flat iron, I might have to see if they have this one at our local store.

Also, I like your blue nails!

Anonymous said...

great review :)

L S F K said...

Before I purched my GHDs I had a pair of remingtons, and they were fantastic! They basically did the same job as my GHDs but just didn't have the fancy gadgets.
Great review. xx

Nataliexxx said...

Good find and I couldn't help but love your bright blue nails!

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